We are proud to present outstanding professionals in the many fields of special species medicine. We thank all the lecturers who graciously devote their time and insight.

Below is the current listing of confirmed lecturers for the 2012 Special Species Symposium. Check back often for updates!

Lecturer Lecture Title
Dr. Nicole Wyre Exotic Emergency Procedures
Dr. La'Toya Latney Pain Management in Reptiles
Dr. Don Stremme Elasmobranches - What Makes Them Special?
Dr. Erica Miller Wildlife Research Opportunities
Dr. Len Donato Thinking About Treating Non-Traditional Pets: Philosophy and Finances
Dr. Raquel Walton Subject-Based Reference Values
Dr. Jeleen Briscoe All Creatures in Catastrophe: How Your Tax Dollars Go Towards Rescue and Shelter of Pets and Captive Wildlife During an Emergency
Dr. Jeff Runge Minimally Invasive Surgery in Exotic Species
Dr. Glenn Olsen The Veterinarian's Role in Wildlife Conservation Now and in the Future
Dr. Keith Hinshaw
Primate Medicine
Dr. Patrice Klein
One Health Approaches in Veterinary Medicine: Looking at Wildlife Sentinels for One Health
Dr. Leigh Clayton
Why the Cockatoo Bites: Using Behavior Analysis in Captive Animal Management
Dr. Tim Georoff
Non-Domestic Hoofstock Anesthesia
Ms. Harriet Forrester
Turtle Husbandry
Dr. John Lewis
Dentistry Cases: Exotic and Zoo Animals