We are proud to present outstanding professionals in the many fields of special species medicine. We thank all the lecturers who graciously devote their time and insight.

Below is the current listing of confirmed lectures scheduled for the 2014 Special Species Symposium. Check back often for updates!

Lecturer Lecture Title
Dr. Helen Roberts-Sweeney Fixing Nemo: Pet Fish Medicine
Dr. Keith Hinshaw Primate Medicine
Dr. Jantra Suran Diagnostic Imaging in Exotic Animals
Dr. Nicole Wyre Exotic Companion Animal Emergency Techniques
Dr. Colin McDermott Lessons Learned in Aquarium Medicine
Dr. La'Toya Latney Reptile Physiology
Dr. Len Donato Thinking About Treating Non-Traditional Pets?
Dr. Len Donato The Ferret Big Three
Dr. Patricia Klein The Importance of Wildlife as Sentinels, and the Role of Veterinarians in Monitoring the Emergence of Human and Animal Diseases
Dr. Cindy Driscoll
Marine Mammal Conservation & Strandings
Dr. Dave McRuer
The Role of Private Practice Veterinarians in Wildlife Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know
Dr. Marc Valitutto
A Case Per Place
Dr. Leigh Clayton
Feather Destructive Behavior: Proposed Etiologies and Management Options
Dr. Susan Pello
A Day in Private Practice: Feathers, Tails, and Scales
Dr. Claire Hankenson
Critical Care for Laboratory Rodents
Dr. Tim Georoff
Non-Domestic Hoofstock Anesthesia