Below is the listing of the wetlabs planned for the 2010 Special Species Symposium. For a complete list and a finalized schedule, please download the SSS 2010 SCHEDULE.

Wet Lab Instructor Wet Lab
Saturday, April 10, 2010
Dr. Jeleen Briscoe Physical Examination of Small Mammals
Dr. Len Donato Ferret Adrenalectomy
Ms. Harriet Forrester Turtle Treatment Techniques
Dr. Boylan Turtle Necropsy
Dr. Driscoll Wildlife Necropsy - They Didn't Teach Me THAT in Veterinary School - Wildlife CSI!
Dr. Walton Evaluation of Avian and Reptile Blood Films
Dr. Miller Solving the Mysteries: Wildlife Case Studies
Dr. Donald Stremme Tour of Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Dr. Lewis Dentistry in Ferrets
Dr. Reiter Dentistry in Pet Lagomorphs and Rodents
Dr. Brice Rodent Necropsy
Tri-State Bird Rescue Care of Contaminated Wildlife
Dr. Latney Reptile Handling and Physical Exam
Dr. Chris Montgomery Philadelphia Zoo Hospital Tour

Please note, because space is limited, symposium Lecture registration is reserved for veterinary students, technicians, pre-veterinary students and veterinarians. The Wetlab registration is open to veterinary students only.
Please note, this schedule may be subject to alterations.

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