Below is the current listing of confirmed wetlabs for the 2014 Special Species Symposium. Check back often for updates!

Wet Lab Instructor
Wet Lab
Dr. Nicole Wyre Exotic Companion Animal Emergency Techniques
Dr. Nicole Wyre Avian Critical Care
Dr. Erica Miller Songbird Orthopedics
Dr. Erica Miller Raptor Care and Maintenance
Dr. La'Toya Latney Reptile Handling
Dr. Len Donato Ferret Adrenalectomy
Dr. Len Donato Avian Orthopedics - Bandaging Techniques
Dr. Jantra Suran
Diagnostic Imaging in Exotic Animals
Dr. Colin McDermott
Common Fish Diagnostic Procedures
Dr. Cindy Driscoll
Dolphin Necropsy
Dr. Tom Nolan
Parasites of Wildlife and Exotic Pets
Dr. Patricia Klein
Chronic Wasting Disease Sample Collection
Dr. Keith Hinshaw
Philadelphia Zoo Tour
Dr. Maria Soltero-Rivera Ferret & Rabbit Dentistry
Ms. Erin Vogelsong Mouse Ovariectomy
Dr. Kyla Beguesse
Turtle Necropsy
Mr. Phung T. Luu Behavioral Training and Handling of Birds for Veterinarians