About Us

Celebrating Thai heritage and providing a tight community since 1995.

Thai Student Association of the University of Pennsylvania, also more affectionately known as PennThai, is a student interest group at Penn that seeks to promote the unique Thai culture and provide support for Thai students here at the university. Founded in 1995, PennThai now comprise more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students, both Thai and non-Thai, who are interested to learn more about our heritage.

"to celebrate and promote the richness of Asian Pacific culture"

Over the years, we have become a more active student group on campus, organizing a plethora of events for our members and the Penn community, ranging from small gatherings to our signature extravaganza, Thai Night! As a member of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC), PennThai also works with other cultural groups on campus to celebrate and promote the richness of Asian Pacific American culture. It is our hope to continue to build a close-knit Thai community and to establish good relationships with other cultural groups through these events.

"opportunity to give back to its home country"

Beginning January 2010, the club underwent a restructure and its members are committed to organize even more events on campus. We have added a new Community Service committee to the club, which serves as a platform for PennThai to give back to its home country. By providing our members with the opportunities to organize and participate in various service projects, we hope to improve the well-being of some of the less privileged communities in Thailand.


  1. Promote international understanding of the Thai heritage and friendship with Thai people through intellectual, cultural, and social activities among members and the university community.
  2. Provide a close-knit community for Thai students and others who are interested in Thai culture.
  3. Enhance interactions among Thai students at the University of Pennsylvania, along with strengthening relationships with Thai student groups at other universities.
  4. Establish a strong alumni network which would provide mentorship for current and prospective Thai students at the university.

Our constitution can be viewed here.