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The United Minorities Council (UMC) facilitates interculturalism and promotes social justice at the University of Pennsylvania. We are an undergraduate student coalition of Carribbean/African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and Native American student organizations.


“Culture is not merely a static received tradition but a living process of invention and reinvention”.
- Wayne C Glasker (BA, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)

The UMC is a historically rich student organization, whose vision of lasting cultural pluralism was formed through the unified efforts of African-American, Puerto Rican, Mexican American, other Latino, Japanese American, Chinese American and Korean American student organizations.

Meet the Board

Krisna Maddy


Krisna Maddyclose

Krisna Maddy, also known by her friends as K-Sizzle, is a junior hailing from Miami, Fl. When she's not hiding away from the cold winters she greatly enjoys going on Center City excursions, and finding the best pancakes in Philly. She also spends much of her time doing laboratory research as she pursues her major in biochemistry.

Ibukun Olubowale

Vice Chair


Ibukun is a junior in the College. She is excited to serve as the Vice Chair this year!

Miru Osuga

Political Chair

Miru Osugaclose

Miru Osuga is a junior in the College. She is excited to serve as the Political Chair.

Shamar Waterman

Financial Chair

Shamar Watermanclose

Shamar Waterman is a freshman from North Brunswick, New Jersey. He plans on majoring in Finance and also also interested in Computer Science. I am excited to help promote UMC's very important aganda for unity, while handling the finances for the organization. I enjoy activities like playing basketball and exploring the city in my free time.

Imani Solan

Communications Chair

Imani Solanclose

Imani is a sophomore in the Wharton School studying marketing. She is from Montebello, NY. Fun fact: she is a sprinter on the track and field team. This is her second year on board and she is excited to continue to sprad UMC's mission.

Evanie Anglade

Programming Co-Chair

Evanie Angladeclose

Evanie is a sophomore in the College majoring in Health & Societies. She is from Short Hills and her go-to fact is that she had a pet ferret in elementary school. The illegality of owning a ferret in New Jersey is a misconception she would liek to put to rest. Even though ferrets are considered "exotic" (an already problematic word), they are perfectly legal keep as pets. Evanie is very excited to serve as one of UMC's Programming Co-Chairs and help relaize the organization's goals of intersectionality and collaboration.  

Anisa Hasan-Granier

Programming Co-Chair

Anisa Hasan-Granierclose

Anisa is a freshman in the Wharton. She is French-Pakistani and was born in London, but has lived in Washington D.C. for the past thirteen years. Although undecided, she is considering a major in Anthropology. Apart from planning events for UMC, Anisa also loves dancing, traveling, coffee, visiting art museums, and indulging in her guilty pleaure, Bollywood movies.

Feyi Makinde

Marketing Chair

Feyi Makindeclose

Feyi is a freshman in the Wharton School. She is excited to serve as the Marketing Chair this year!

Ajjit Narayanan

Outreach & Admissions Chair

Ajjit Narayananclose

Ajjit Narayanan is a sophomore in the College planning to major in Urban Studies and Economics. He is from the Bay Area in California but has also lived in Chennai, India. While he isn’t being the Outreach and Admissions Chair, you can find him learning how to cook without setting his kitchen on fire. In his other free time, he also enjoys reading, listening to music, finding dogs to pet and getting hyped for the Warriors success this season.




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