Board Members 2010-2011

Board Members 2009-2010



2009-10 Board Members
Chair, Olga Shebanova

Olga Shebanova
PhD, Chemical Engineering

Vice Chair for Communications
Jennifer Mosher
PhD, Physics and Astronomy
Danielle Reifsnyder Vice Chair for Finance
Danielle Reifsnyder
PhD, Chemistry
Dania Daye, Vice Chair for Policy

Vice Chair for Policy
Dania Daye
MD/PhD, Bioengineering
(HHMI-NIBIB Interfaces Program)

VC for Academic Affairs, Esther Yu

Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
Esther Yu
PhD, Bioengineering

picture coming soon!

Member at Large
Keri Sanborn
PhD, Immunology

Member at Large
Mahlet Mesfin
PhD, Bioengineering

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